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  Tragic and Commedy
A self-supporting Amateur Theatre group
in a 13th Century Barn
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Ifield Barn Theatre presents

JULY 2015

Two One Act Plays

 ‘Lunch Girls’
by Ron Hart

Directed by Sheilani Nandy

Vee, Bee, Dee and Jay (all female) are old friends.
Now they try to keep in touch by arranging (or trying to arrange) a lunch from time to time.
It doesn’t always work out.
‘Little Grimley Presents Strictly Sex Factor (On Ice)’
David Tristram 
by special arrangement with

Directed by Clare Hall

The Little Grimley Amateur Society are faced with yet another threat to their very existence.
Reality TV shows have ravaged their Saturday night audiences, which in their hey-day used to occasionally reach double figures.
Never one to take these things lying down, Chairman Gordon has devised a cunning plan to compete head-on - their very own live Saturday night blockbuster, combining the best of all the other formats.
All they need now is an audience, some contestants, four judges, a mirror ball... oh, yes, and some ice.

15th to 18th July

Tickets £9
£7 for IBTS members & children